About the platform

Welcome to Agro XR, a platform that sheds light on the transformative intersection of Extended Reality (XR) technologies and the agri-food industry.

Our primary aim is to present an array of research findings from many projects that span across the globe. With a deep focus on the practical applications of these studies, Agro XR offers a unique window into how the agri-food sector is evolving through technology. Here, you can delve into comprehensive research analyses, unpacking their implications and translating complex data into accessible, actionable knowledge.

One of our core commitments at Agro XR is to inform and educate about the various immersive technologies making strides in the agri-food industry. Be it Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or Mixed Reality (MR), we present an in-depth exploration of each technology’s potential. Through our platform, you’ll gain insights into how these technologies function, their distinctive benefits, and, most importantly, their real-world applications in agriculture and food production.


Furthermore, we understand the value of expert perspectives in this rapidly evolving field. That’s why Agro XR brings together a diverse group of subject matter experts, from academic researchers to industry professionals, all pioneers in their respective domains. Through interviews, guest articles, webinars, and panel discussions, you’ll receive first-hand insights from these thought leaders, enriching your understanding of the XR technologies and their role in the agri-food industry.

Join us on this exciting journey to discover the future of the agri-food industry through the lens of XR technology!